• Miri Lee & Oene van Geel

    24 Jan 2017 at 10:00

    #2 Session

  • Imprography description



    ‘Imprography’ is the title I am currently using to represent my research in composition. Imprography is the way I wish to describe constant physical writing. I use improvisation to tone an insight of body with an alert intuition.

    Through my own experiences in improvisation performance, I developed a methodology that supports the performer in how they are able to consider their choices whilst under the pressure of real-time performance. I have exercises that support being active in the context of the moment while maintaining clarity with spatial choices. This needs to happen with an efficacy that is consequential of the sound, light, public and all of the performers in the group. I integrate music, either live or recorded, by musicians whom I have worked with. As makers, we will explore how we can transform our personal role in a performance whilst executing ‘rational’ and clear choices in a potentially hyper-stimulated environment.


    Through the use of improvisation as a practice, I place an emphasis on the ability to develop for each of the dancer’s way to conduct research and to place that process towards real time performance. I wish for the dancer to explore possibilities from their personal artistic motifs by placing their creative ideas and emotions at the core of their artwork. I wish to encourage the dancer to develop their own unique style and to gain equal confidence as both performer and/or maker.


    My background, from traditional Korean dance, contains a use of controlled breathing that allows for the dancer to be calm between sculptural pause and dynamic flow. Controlled breathing guides the dancer in a particular way from the core of the body to the spine and limb. The essence of this workshop, is in the visualizing of the invisible; physical drawing in the air, the hidden forms in the space and giving instant shape to a thought generated by the perception of the movement.


    Imprography include physical training, to filter minimal expression as an implied pattern. These patterns evolve into complex movement variations that resonate spontaneous and fluent expression. The training process I use enhances an ability to explore and expand self-direction, quickness of response and a sharpness of execution for making choices.

    Dancers will be placed in an architectural collaboration, drawing on one’s voluntary artistic participation, building skills out of one's own creation in a group composition with an inspiration to react body to body, widening their visual perspective with their eye.


  • Imprography Spring Workshop

    22/23 Apr 2017


    Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka

    Fazle Zlefa, Marjolein Vogels

    Francine Marie

    Ksenia Perek

    Celine Hyun Jin Barreau

    Arjan van Muyen

    Iris Van Alebeek

    Manuela Tessi

    Quentin Dehaye

    Stefania Petroula


  • WHO


    Dancers wanting to enrich their performance skills.
    This workshop is intended for more experienced dancers, movers and performers.
    Maximum 10 participants per day





    Send a motivation letter of your name and name of the workshop


    short introduction of your artistic background
    go to -> imprography@gmail.com





    Autumn 2017

    at Studio Singel
    Eerste Nasaustraat 3 Amsterdam

    (second floor of the building)






    13:00-18:00 five hours per day





    5 days € 250


    included 1 day performance

    performance date / nov tba





    bank information

    Payment made out to: Stichting Magpie
    Bank: ING Amsterdam
    Bank address – Kinkerstraat 130a, 1053EE, Amsterdam
    Bank account number (same as the IBAN code): NL22INGB0009476524
    Account Name: Stichting Magpie
    Address – Wilhelminastraat 139-3, 1054 WC Amsterdam

  • Autumn 2017





    Recommended Improvisation Platform in Netherlands

    Amsterdam, Utrecht


    Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam
    July 24 to August 20, 2017

    The improvisation summer course has been an annual Amsterdam event since 2009. The aim of the improvisation summer course is to provide a platform for musicians, vocalist, actors, dancers and performance artists to engage in intensive study alongside weekend performance events.


    Oorsprong Curator Series

    Improvisation series and mentality platform for curators, peformers and audiences in Amsterdam
    Curated by Raoul van der Weide


    Monday Match

    Improvisation series and mentality platform for curators, peformers and audiences in Amsterdam
    Curated by Raoul van der Weide


    MD 301- Music Dance 301

    The series Music Dance 301 (MD301) was created in direct response to a need for public and artists to re-consider and re-present dance/music performance within a contemporary context. MD301 series presents improvised performance with an explicit choreographic/composition approach as well as set works that have as main focus the relationship movement-sound.
    The series invites local and international artists to perform in OT 301.

    Curated by Manuela Tessi


    Instant Music day

    Monthly music and dance improvisation platform in Zaal 100.
    Curated by Nicolas Chientaroli


    IC Practice - Utrecht

    The monthly IC Practice continues with no leader, but with a clear format of warm-up, open scores and reflection. IC Practice takes place they’d like to initiate a Performing Platform where people that join the ICP are welcome to present an instant composition based work

    Curated by Iris van Peppen



    Wonderland is a performance in which children are invited to actively participate, be stimulated, expand their own curiosity and talent, and create their own world in a playful way.
    Wonderland is a music and dance performance aimed toward children and their parents including interaction with children as well as they watch the transition of the child from viewer to performer.
    Makiko is the project Leader Wonderland( 2006-present )


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